Microfiber Cobra Towel
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Double side Auto car care detailing microfiber cobra towel
Microfiber Cobra Towel

 Microfiber Cobra Towel


1.Size:60*40cm(Other size can be customized)

2.Weight: 380GSM-4000GSM

3.Material: 100% Microfiber


5.MOQ: 300KG(2000-3000 pcs for this size)

6.Usage:Car care,cleaning,drying,waxing,detailing 


A: No trimming(edgeless)or High weight Luxury 100% silk edge,soft and no damage the paint.

B:Super Absorbency.

C:Autokitstools Cobra towel is made of a kind of fabric with one side long hair and another side short terry hair,the former is used for absorbency and the shorter is better for wax,polishing works.

Any question can send you message to info@autokitstools.com.



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