Foam Sponge Applicaor
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High Density Car Care Tools Accessories Waxing Polishing Buffing Foam Applicator Sponge.
Foam Sponge Applicaor

Foam Sponge Applicaor

1.Net Weight of : 4g

2.Color: Yellow

3.Material: High Density Foam Sponges, made of superfine Polyurethane  sponge, texture is soft and delicate, can be used repeatedly, durable

4.Diameter: 10cm/2cm

5.Thickness: 2cm

6.Shape: Round 

7.Type: Car Care,waxing,polishing,buffing detailing.

8.Car Care Options: Cleaning, Waxing. 

9.Made of high-quality durable high density sponge,long service life.

11.Durable, one sponge can wash and wax your vehicle 5 times than other sellers' cheap sponge.

12.Both sides of the sponge can be used

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