Wholesale Black Friday Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas
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Wholesale Black Friday Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas from Autokitstools
Wholesale Black Friday Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas

    Wholesale Black Friday MicrofibeYellow Towel For Christmas

1.Wholesale Black Friday Wholesale Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas specifications


1.100% microfiber(80%Polyester 20%Polyamide OR 100% Polyamide )

2.Size can OEM(40*40,40*60,60*90cm 100*50cm or as required),GSM200-500

2.Super absorb water and sweat,use for fitness.

3.Environmental friendly,AZO free

4.Durable than cotton Towel

5.No bad smell and stink

6.Easy to wash by washing machine,fast dry.

7.Excellent cleaning ability

8.Safest towel for all surfaces 

9.Usage:sports promotion, festival gift, travel etc

10.Packing:Bulk packing; bag; color poly bag, color card, color box, gift box etc, then packed in standard export carton

11.sampe: Free samples available


 2.Wholesale Black Friday Wholesale Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas Features

Microfiber Fitness Yellow towel for home and Gym main material is microfiber,it has the ability to absorb the 10 times than itself weight,This product can cleans the hair only 30 seconds ,it is also good care product for dry hair ad fitness after shampooing or clean the body after sporting, no longer need to worry about wet hair or body can catch headache and cold!! Also can be used as a sports towel to wipe sweat after exercise, your real good partner when doing sports and exercise. Cause if not dried after bath or sports, it can easily catch a cold ,Microfiber yellow towel has quickly absorbed moisture, antibacterial, does not contain any chemicals, soft touch characteristics, it is particularly suitable for use in children, and care for your baby's skin.
Further more,Our Yellow towel are  easy to clean as easy to dry. Microfiber's unique three-dimensional internal structure allows multiple spiral make much dirt gathered by adsorption and fibrous internal voids, but not all piled up on fiber surface, making fiber surface more clean, dry and smooth. When fibers swell, dirt can easily be cleaned out. This design allows the Microfiber quickly dry to avoid bacterial growth.


3. Wholesale Black Friday Wholesale Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas advantage


 1.Autokitstools Finess travelling towel are good at camping/boating trip,handy to travel,It's good for hiking, camping,swimming and backpacking,can do a quickly dry when you lack of dryer at outdoor.

2.Not like shammy towel or cotton towel,they are too heavy to be a traveling towel.
Autokitstools travelling towel is lightweight, soft, absorbent, quick to dry.
3.Comfortable size,multi purpose suitable for the whole family use.

4.Making sure they dried quickly so they were ready for their next use since if you used them multiple times one day.

5.80% polyester, 20% polymide microfiber,Best performance is it absorbs a decent amount of water than itself.

6.Easy to pack.Put it into decent quality bag,folds up neat and tight so it won't take up any room in your bag when packing,makes it ready for the next camp/sports or the next shower.

7.After use,just wash it with clear water and wring the water out,and they will dry quickly.when it become dry,put it into suitcase or backpack,it can reduce space sharply than a traditional hotel towel.


4. Wholesale Black Friday Wholesale Microfiber Yellow Towel For Christmas photos  

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