Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves
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Wholesale Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves Manufacture from Autokitstools
Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves

Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing

 Cleaning Gloves

1.Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves Specifications:       

1.Type: double-side with chenille fabric
2.Material:100% Microfiber

3. Size: 18*25 cm
4.Pile Height: 4cm
5.Gross Weight: 120g
6. Color: customizing 
7.Function: strong cleaning ability,absorbability,washable etc.
8.Usage: washing car, furniture, windows,banisters etc.
9. Packing: packed in carton 
10.Notes: customizing is accepted, including size, shape, color, pile high,etc.      


2.Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves Features:                

【material】:Microfiber plush superfine fiber(chenille) 
【specification】: 24 *19 CM (manual measurement, the error in 1 CM) 
【color】:Any Pantone colors.
【features 】:Autoktistools chenille gloves product use high precision fiber chenille, corals form as gloves, quite soft, fine workmanship, high density ultra smooth dust dust removal. With Middle of sponge design,super absorbing water, wash the car for a while will squeeze out water,convenient to clean. For car cleaning, car care, no scratches,  Wear-resistant, durable, suitable for car paint cleaning, solid wood, leather surface dust decontamination.

Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves are Very suitable for the owner daily washing (DIY) to use, can protect your hands from harm. Double side for the chenille, or the other side of superfine composite fibre towel material.suitable to wash the car, furniture, etc.Can dry brush to float ash, wet wipes, deashing effect is very good.both Car, home of all kinds of screen window, electric fan,  keyboard screen. Clean and does not hurt the glass, a variety of colorful color.

1,strong water imbibition,decontamination capability, not hair removal, easy to clean, no fading, strong antimicrobial properties, clean health.
2, effectively remove the dirt in the fiber gap, no scratches, it does not hurt the car paint, take care of your car.
3, widely used, can be used for washing the car, furniture, solid wood, leather dust removal etc. Can also be used multiple times, simple, convenient, fast and economical.

"Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves Advantages"


1,Autoktistools chenille gloves, is a kind of superfine fiber fabric, velvet effect is good, feel is smooth.
2, dust can effectively control in fiber gap, quickly remove dirt; Make a car more close to the "no scratch process".
3, Foaming ability, good cleaning effect, it does not hurt the car paint is the most prominent feature of it.
4, For car shampoo knead, chenille is extremely good to clean,Easy to clean after use, can be used repeatedly.
【Autoktistools chenille gloves scope of application 】 suitable for automotive and general household cleaning, glass, floor, kitchen, shop floor and clean
【how to use for vehicle cleaning by Autoktistools chenille gloves 】
After mixing water and cleaning solution, use wash mitt soaked in the mixture with full wash mitt swab paint,also can use liquid  to the car paint, use gloves and then soaked in water, after the scrubbing with water rinse bubble, wiping the water with a towel.



3.Plush Microfiber Car Wash Washing Cleaning Gloves Photos:     





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