Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper
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window wiper with Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper from Autokitstools.
Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper

Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper


1.Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper Specifications

Window Squeegee
Plastic,silicone,PP+TPR grip
Different types,customized size is available
White/Orange/Black/ Customized color is available
Water Remove when clean window,floor,wall and paint,
Also as the scraper 
and film tools asCar wrapping, vinyl sticker.
1.Higher flexibility
2.Silicone material.
3.eco-friendly material and stocked products
4.Private label and logo is available
Logo Printed(MOULD) or stickers are both available!
In poly bag/inner &outer carton/as customer's request
Paypal/Western Union/Money Gram
5-15 days after you confirm the order 
Carton size
17x11cm,100 pcs per carton.
Loading for 20" 
86300 pcs

2.Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper Features

1.Convenient and practical,very easy to carry and delivery, small tools helpful.
2.Comfortable design, the design of the scraper head according to the mechanics principle, scraper design effortless, can make the fall of snow and the frost off on the automobile glass.
3. Silicone material selection of the scraper,don't leave any scratches on the glass.


3.How to use Wholesale Ice scraper plastic scraper

1. Hold brush handle, make the brush head against the windshield or car surface.
2. Put the shovel head 10 degrees - 70 degrees Angle formed between the glass;
3. Eliminate frost on the surface around or goes up and down.

Winter is coming, due to the snow, frost and other reasons, the car windshield freezes that influence vison of driving. Traditional way is: open hot air, this is too time wasting; or use a glass of hot water, the disadvantage is that makes trouble, and quite easy to damage the wiper blade which is made of rubber; Substitute (e.g., cassette, etc.), the disadvantage is that it is not beautiful, and easy to freeze.
snow brush,ice scraper can easily solve this problem. This series product from Autokitstools with high strength of scraping ice sheet which can easily remove the thick snow and ice, frost, at the same time can clean glass, surface, can be applied to all kinds of models. Winter morning the driver's troubles can be swept away within 30 seconds, make driving more safety on the road.
Small, lightweight. Can meet the demand of defrost shoveling snow ordinary everyday.

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