Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush
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Good Quality Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush
Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush

                    Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush



Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush Features:         

1. Made of PVC, very flexible, easily remove the dust and dirty without hurting the lacquer of your car
2. No fiber or chippings come off when using, legerity, durable, slinky and delicate
3. Germproof, mildew-resistant and guarantee users long-standing bristle
4. If possible, please clean by water

Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush Attention:

1. Do not wash with bleaching powder, or the fiber would turn yellow
2. Take the brush head down and put it into the tepid water (below 40°C),then wash with neutral detergent. After several minutes, knead the bristles gently, rinse the brush and dry it in the shady place.
3. Do not wash it by washer
4. It contains tiny components, so do not let the children (under 5 years) touch the brush.       

Auto Clean Wire Wheel Brush Tips:

Some customers said the cleaning brush is not good for design which may scratch the rims and barely fit the distance of spokes,or smooth handle is difficult to hold,don't worry!!! Use the autokitstools car rims wheel tire cleaning brush,you will say "wow"!!! for its perfect performance.

1.The rims are always get dirty so every car owner need a autokitstools rims cleaning brush.No need the high pressure washer,only a bucket water with cleaner/soap,clean us you wheel rims by hand,you can see an immediate result,the grime will off the wheels soon.
2.Soft bristles,it never scratch you tire and rims,Hard brush,with the water lubrication action,can remove the heavy grime in the whole.flexible bristles makes it actually can go into very very narrow spaces without any scratching.
3.Along with the details brush or also microfiber towel which can clean the nooks and crannies that the large brush can not reach.
4.Head with brush and manger so it won't scratch the other details of rims when you washing.High quality,perfect design and super reasonable price will let you say "wow" this is a real buy!
5.The round design brush can fit the distance of spokes,and it also fit the narrow gap of  wheel and the brake caliper
6.Multi-purpose,can clean many place for auto&motorcycles&home&kitchen.




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