Original Wool Superbuff Polishing Pad
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Original Wool Superbuff Polishing Pad for car polishing and detailing
Original Wool Superbuff Polishing Pad

  Original Wool Superbuff Polishing


Original Wool Superbuff Polishing Pad Features:                

1.Size: 5,6,7,8 inch or can be customized
3.3.Material: 100%  wool
4.Packing: Standard export package
To make the goods clean and bright.
Can throw the small scratch, to make the goods like new after polishing.
To use with polishing liquid,paste,polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect.
The products are widely used in wood furniture industry,automobile manufacturing,
automobile hub,etc.
Dedicated to polishing the surface and parts.
To polish glass,fiber reinforced plastic.
To polish stainless steel,plastic outer of covering.
Family private polishing, automobile polishing, automobile maintenance, cosmetology.     

Original Wool Superbuff Polishing Pad Advantage:           

1. Deep clean the paint by removing oxidation.
2. Remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface produced from improper washing or drying technique.
3. Makes your car life long, extension, looks more shinning and brighter.
4. High quality and durability,made by the quality foam or genuine wool.
5. Very soft and works very well on the car clear coat when doing the detailing work.also suitable for fiberglass,but it is better to use wool pads.If you need to do paint correction or finish the swirls,this is definitely the best pad with no damage to your paint
6. Machine Washable in the clotd water,very easy to clean(wash by hand is also highly recommended).
7. Save half time to use the qulity polishing pad,made the application faster and easier.
8.With or without backing plate are all available.                   





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